We're taking exploration up a notch, making every trip outside an exciting adventure.

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How It Works

Picture this: You're walking down your street, and bam! You just unlocked a historical secret. That's MapUncover for you - turning your daily stroll into an adventure.


Ditch the same old paths. With MapUncover, your regular walk transforms into an exploration. Unlock new areas and watch your city's story unfold.

Challenge Accepted

Love a good challenge? Us too. Tackle challenges, collect badges, and keep that streak alive. It's like a game, but cooler, 'cause you're actually moving.

Climb the Ranks

Climb up the leaderboard by exploring more. Bragging rights included. It’s not just a walk. It’s a race to become the local legend.

Map Makeover

Bored of the same old map? Collect coins, unlock diverse styles, and make that map truly yours. Say goodbye to bland!

More than Fun

Yep, MapUncover is a blast, but it's also backed by science. We've got the research to prove it boosts your familiarity with your environment.

Meet the team

Eve Schade


Researching Navigation Technologies and Spatial Cognition

Yu Sun


Researching Everyday Mobile Mixed Reality

Dr. Gian-Luca Savino

Scientific Co-Founder

Researching Navigation
Technologies and Urban Analytics

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Frequently asked questions

What is MapUncover?

MapUncover is an innovative exploration app that transforms your everyday walks into adventures full of discovery and learning. While maintaining the essence of surprise, our app gently nudges you to explore and interact with your environment in new ways.

Who is the team behind MapUncover?

We are a team of Human-Computer Interaction researchers from Switzerland. We're passionate about merging tech with everyday exploration.

How did MapUncover start?

The journey of MapUncover began as a research project grounded in cognitive and computer science, evolved into a scholarly publication, and is now expanding into a fully-fledged product for explorers.

How does MapUncover work?

As you explore, the app gradually reveals parts of a map, each segment loaded with engaging challenges. It's a gamified exploration experience!

Is there a cost to use MapUncover?

MapUncover uses a freemium model. You can access core features for free. For those seeking deeper exploration, we will soon offer in-app purchases and subscription-based advanced features.

Will there be new features added to MapUncover?

We're constantly innovating and expanding MapUncover's capabilities. If you're curious about what's on the horizon or have suggestions, feel free to drop us an email. Stay tuned for exciting updates and features that will enhance your exploration experience even further.

Can MapUncover be used in any city?

Currently, MapUncover is primed for use across Europe. We have plans to expand to North America in 2024. Plus, our app isn't just for city streets – it works outside of cities too, so you can explore a wide range of environments!

How does MapUncover ensure my data privacy?

Being based in Switzerland, we are deeply committed to privacy and data protection, which is reflected in our approach to handling user data in MapUncover. Moreover, all our email communications are hosted with ProtonMail, known for its high-security standards. For a comprehensive understanding of our privacy practices, we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy on our website (Privacy Policy & App Privacy Policy).

Where can I learn more about MapUncover's research origins?

The foundations of MapUncover lie in academic research. This research underpins our app’s design and functionality, enhancing user engagement with their surroundings.

How can I get help if I encounter an issue?

If you're facing any challenges or technical issues with the app, we're here to help! Please reach out to us through E-Mail at [email protected]. Be sure to include details like the nature of the issue, your device type, and any specific features you were using when the problem occurred. Our team is dedicated to resolving your concerns swiftly.

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